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Please take note that this is an early access to our game and you can only play the prologue at first. The chapters from the playable characters will be updated at later date.

What is Sakura Tempest?
You will be playing Shōtarō, an average boy trying to survive his college years. Through his first year at his new school, many adventures await him – especially once he gets involved with four handsome upperclassmen!
Will he spent summer in the mountains with his childhood friend? Or train with the sports club? Or maybe go to the beach with the student council? Or get in trouble with a certain delinquent? 

Either way, what's awaiting Shōtarō at the end of the day with the suitor of your choice is completely up to you!
Follow the main character Shōtarō's everyday life and meet his friends and possible love interests!

After completing the prologue you will be able to choose a suitor
Your choices will influence Shōtarō's college experience and his personal life! 

There are multiple endings and outcomes, depending on how you'd like to play!

A yaoi visual novel about school life, sports and gay romance!
The game features:

  • 3+endings per character
  • beautifully illustrated artwork
  • hours of fun gameplay for you!
  • Play all routes to unlock as many R18 event illustrations as possible!

Sakura Tempest takes place in Shōtarō's first year in college.
The player has to guide him through challenges and tests of courage, but also through fun times at the training camp or during summer trips.
The length of the game depends on which route you take and the ending is the product of your choices throughout the game.
Of course, the more you deepen the relationship with a dateable character, the more romantic but not necessarily more G-rated your ending will be.

You can choose between the following characters: 

+ the noisy delinquent
+ the handsome but distant prefect
+ the mysterious captain of the sports club
+ the loyal childhood friend
+ BONUS CHARACTER: the crafty school nurse!

The genres SakuraTempest belongs to are: shōnen ai / yaoi, slice of life,school life.
The amount of comedy and drama depends on the route you choose, but it is overall well-balanced.
The full version of the game will be available on an online platform(itch.io)

Check us out on social media, kickstarter (campaign has already ended) and soon itch.io for more information!






Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date in 8 days
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, boys-love, Erotic, Gay, japan, japanese, Manga, Romance, Singleplayer
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Just download the zip file and extract it.


Demo for Mac 176 MB
Demo for Linux 182 MB
Demo for Windows 192 MB

Development log


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The setting was not okay for them? Can you elaborate please?

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Steam doesn't want games that feature U18 characters in a school setting. Or anything featuring anyone who is a high school student or younger in a game that has romance and/or sex scenes.

thank you very much for your information!!!

we will release here and the mentioned websites. hope they dont ban us  :D

and our Artist got a newborn baby! you can congratulate on her twitter acc


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Actually it's better if you release on itch. Steam wants 30% where itch only wants 10. 

I hope your artist gets better soon! 

And I hope you are not too stressed! (and thanks for updating)

Edit: I forgot to mention I love your demo! :)


Steam is very biased right now and only allowing very popular visual novels to go unchecked on their website. Many other developers are having this problem too.  There are other sites that have no problem hosting this material though. If Steam/Valve doesn't bother replying, then maybe you could give these sites a try.




I'm tired of waiting for Steam...I prefer DRM free itch.io...

Just release here first!


When can we expect a full game?